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    Broadcasting from Earth- to the universe!

The #1 Radio Station Bringing Information About Earth to the Rest of the Universe!

The universe is a huge place and Earth is just one tiny little planet, but an interesting one it is. We have studied this freaky little world for many years and can now bring you everything you need to know about Earth, it’s people and all the latest news and gossip!

We are here

Where we are is of no consequence, but we’re out there, floating around in the same universe as you. There isn’t a whole lot of life (compared to how much space there is) and for many years we’ve all been alone on our little planets. Technology has far advanced so now there’s no need to feel alone.

So that we

Our aim is to bring all intelligent life from around the universe closer together. We may be incomprehensibly far in distance but in our hearts we’re all together. On Earth they have a saying ‘it’s a small world’ and it’s true, but the universe is big and it’s hard not to feel alone but we’re here to bring us all closer together.

Doing what

We bring the universe together by educating the rest of the universe on all habited planets. Earth is one of the planets containing intelligent life, although they’re still a way away from the rest of us! However the planet, and it’s ‘people’ have a lot of potential and there is so much to see and learn.